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Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-ChiefLast Modified: 17:50 p.m. EDT, 29 December 2009

Nigerian Gele"Gele" is a Yoruba word for a female head wrap. The Yoruba people live in Southern Nigeria and are the largest ethnic group south of the Sahara. Yoruba women are known for wearing the impossibly intricate Gele head dresses, and although head dressing can be found in almost every African culture, the Gele is more than just head covering, it is an art form.

I was a child living in Nigeria, I often marveled at the tall, elegant and exotic head wraps that were so artfully constructed, it seemed hard to believe they were made out of cloth. The type of cloth best suited for the Gele is the Aso Oke and Ankara. These fabrics are traditionally Yoruba, but are now worn all over the country. For more information about the history of these fabrics and where they can be purchased, visit the Ladybrille Blogazine.

  • To learn how to tie a Gele view the tutorial video here.
  • Watch the video "African Queen" which celebrates beautiful African women and the Gele.


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