The Nahmias Cipher Report provides up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, and feature stories from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the U.S. The report publishes articles on a diverse range of topics including international politics, religion, health, science, art, and human rights.

As a forum for social commentary on the human condition, TNCR is unique in its approach because it invites journalists with diverse voices and perspectives to contribute on a formal or informal basis. The TNCR's standard is to report on any international issue that can raise awareness or provide insight into the activities which are occurring worldwide which may seem remote to readers' daily lives, but may in fact tangentially impact them. We strive to present stories which inspire readers to draw new conclusions and challenge them to explore how they can be involved in the 'change they would like to see in the world.' ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Posts by contributing journalists provide alternative insights into the roles of women in global societies with an emphasis on gender relations, reproductive rights, women’s autonomy, the right to self-determination, and child advocacy. Improving women and children's rights is an important focus of the publication, and these articles are presented by staff journalist who have worked directly with these populations while living in the cultures and countries from which they report. The Editor-in-Chief writes from the perspective of an insider who has lived overseas in countries that grapple with complex social and religious issues that prevent females from achieving equality.

Submission Guidelines

We believe that diversity in content, opinion, and style is the key to a successful and engaging site. We actively solicit input from readers through our Facebook fan page, commentary, and article ideas or submissions.


  • Word Count: 600 – 800
  • Style: Follow the Associated Press Style Essentials
  • Citation: All material that is not original, including photos, must note the source, author, and for all online references, provide a hyperlink to the web address for the material referenced. (Hyperlinked text can be created in Word from the tool bar. Alternatively, include web address in body of article for all sources cited in the article.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Submission Formats:  Preferably via Google Docs as this facilitates real-time editing which will enable us to publish your articles quickly. Alternatively, articles can be submitted via email attachment as a Word document.
  • Image Sources: Editors will source photos, but journalists are also encouraged to present images found on Wikimedia Commons or Flickr. We only use photos with attribution or permission, which are royalty free or have some rights reserved.

Please send submissions, along with a two paragraph author bio, Twitter handle, head shot photo, and phone and email contact information to submissions@nahmiasreport.com.

Check out a few of our current and past contributors at the NCR Journalists page.

General Comments

If you would prefer to submit a confidential comment, please send an email to ayanna@nahmiasreport.com

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