'Children of Africa, Children of the World' I Rama Yade


FRANCE -- The ANI association has organized the "Fortnight of Children of Africa," a conference where leading proponents of the movement will publicly debate the issues and concerns of education in Africa.  This is the 4th year of that this event has been held and the theme is "Children of Africa, Children of the World."

The 2009 annual event was hosted by Rama Yade (born Mame Ramatoulaye Yade on December 13, 1976 in Ouakam, Senegal).  Mme Rama Yade is a French politician who has served in the government of France since 2007.  She hosted last year's event. Watch a video of her speech below.

Mme Rama Yade is currently the Secretary of State for Sports and married to Joseph Zimet - son of famous Yiddish singer Ben Zimet, an adviser to Secretary of State Jean-Marie Bockel. Source: Wikipedia

This event will commemorate the 20th anniversary of education in Africa.  Issues and concerns pertaining to education with particular emphasis on the rights of children will be discussed and is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Convention of International Rights of Children.

Children are our most precious resource and we must ensure that all children regardless of their country of origin, religion or ethnicity are protected, nurtured, and availed of all the rights, privileges, freedoms and opportunities that are the hallmark of the best of humankind.

The well-worn statement that "it takes a village to raise a child," is as apropos today in this technological world as it was when we lived in more pastoral environs. We are the village and though most of us live in virtual worlds, when we disconnect and physically reconnect with people, we are truly powerful and can make a difference.

The event will be held from Saturday, June 5 to Sunday,June 20 in Paris and the Paris region.  Source:  Enfants d’Ourossogui et des Yvelines

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