Amaranthine Loveliness


Beauty is a primeval phenomenon, which itself never makes its appearance, but the reflection of which is visible in a thousand different utterances of the creative mind, and is as various as nature herself.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

All women are a wonder to behold regardless of their  ethnicity, appearance, cultural origin, physiognomy or sexual orientation. This video below highlights some of the beautiful women who have passed through time.

The images draw the viewer into an eternal flow of the mysteries that lie beneath the sagacious eyes of frozen facades. Best said by Isak Dinesen, "the entire being of a woman is a secret that should be kept."

We shall never know the secrets these women held, but we can ponder or project, as women, as children, as husbands and lovers our temporal secrets onto these women of amaranthine loveliness.  Link to the gallery of original paintings here.