Blood Diamonds | Naomi Campbell


In the ongoing trial at The Hague of war criminal Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia will probably be convicted for the horrendous actions of his despotic reign of terror.  Mr. Taylor is one of the many tyrants who have terrorized the people of the African nations they rule.

A cadre of international elites were subpoenaed to testify against Taylor's use of 'conflict diamonds' to fund his ruthless grip on the country.

One of the witnesses is famed or rather infamous supermodel Naomi Campbell. During her testimony she claimed ignorance of the fact that diamonds she received from Mr. Taylor at a lavish party were 'blood diamonds.'

Her statement was subsequently refuted by several witnesses including Ms. Campbell's former agent who "described how the supermodel 'flirted' with the African warlord over dinner but was then disappointed that his gift of uncut 'blood diamonds' were not 'shiny' enough."  Source:  Telegraph Read full coverage here.

As if this were not enough, Mia Farrow's testimony also contradicts the troubled model's assertion that she didn't realize the gems which the former dictator, Charles Taylor gave her were 'blood diamonds.'

Ms. Campbell certainly possesses physical beauty, but it does seem to have come at the cost of veracity.

Additional research on heroes and killers of the 20th century is located on Bruce Harris' website titled 'More or Less.'