Naija Love | 2face Idibia

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-ChiefLast Modified: 16:12 PM EDT, 8 January 2011

Not only are each of us unique but the women of Africa are vastly under represented in terms of beauty and strength because the Western media typically highlights the struggle and wretchedness of the lives of these women and their children.

Though this is a reality in many parts of Africa, the women of Africa are nonetheless striking, strong, incredibly diverse, intriguing and enchanting. The African beauties most familiar to Western cultures are the Nilotic women from Ethiopia, Eritrea or Somalia.  Woman like Iman and Liya Kebede who grace the runways and covers of Eurocentric magazines.

In recent years the industry has begun to use sub-Saharan models like Alek Wek who is a Sudanese model of uncommon beauty and poise.  Unfortunately it is still rare enough for us to take note.  Rare enough for  a Google search posing the question - "who is that really dark supermodel," yields an immediate answer with her name.

In any case, I like the 'African Queen' video because it highlights the diversity of beauty in Africa and this tribute song performed by 2face Idibia demonstrates how much we are valued by our African men. Unfortunately, the link to the video has been removed due to copyright infringement issues, but I highly recommend that you visit 2face Idibia's official site here to listen to other great tunes and his latest releases.