René Magritte | Surrealist Painter


Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-ChiefLast Modified: 18:37 PM EDT, 17 February 2012

René Magritte, is one of my favorite 20th Century Surrealist painters. I am updating this post because there is currently an exhibition of the entire body of work by this Belgian surrealist. The exhibition is in Vienna at the The Albertina museum from now until 26 February 2012.

The exhibition, titled "René Magritte, The Pleasure Principle," contains 150 of his paintings and paper-based works as well as original writings, photos and film material. It is difficult to find free images of Magritte's work on the web due to copyright issues, but if you are unable to make it to Vienna, check out photos of his works on the 'My Modern Met' website.

I particularly like the paintings produced by Magritte and other artists of the Surrealist movement, because each time one of the paintings are viewed, it is a truly creative and collaborative experience. Surrealism allows the viewer to bring their own psychology to bear when interpreting the paintings, which as a creative thinker, I appreciate much more than being told what I should or should not see or experience.