Queen’s Pawn


"Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box." ~ Italian Proverb

Obvious ways breed obvious opposition. Noisy preparation is the armament of the hubristic man. To defeat an opponent thus self-inflated, a wise combatant, Sublimates all hint of power beneath the veneer of the demeaned.

She is mistress, she is pawn, she is victim, she is warrior, Yet all eyes prefer to rest on her masculine companions. Through cooking, childbearing, words of wisdom softly whispered, She has conquered nations whilst her body remained encamped Far behind the enemy's escarpments.

Unseen and unchallenged, she unobtrusively enters the houses and beds of the enemy unawares; she is pawn crossed over. She reclaims her reign and brings salvation to an opponent inured to the possibility of defeat at the hands of a creature so beguiling incomplete.

Truth is often blind to the lies of the seen. Yet it harkens to its companion the light, Which shines unhampered from the hearts of the just. Illuminates all and lays bare upon the checkered field, The dissimulation of misogynistic men who believe themselves To be different in every manner from their true worth.

She trods upon the mighty and their sycophantic serfs. She crushes them beneath her calloused or manicured foot, and Like a scythe she cuts a wide swath across the landscape of men's hearts. She prunes, she plucks, she picks, she cuts.

In a landscape seldom seen, except perhaps, as portrayed by Hieronymus Bosch. Wherein those most ignoble of companions; deceit, avarice, and lust, flee as much from her, as her incepted children Who quicken in her loins, impatient to mature and lead the world to an equanimity lost since our expulsion from Eden.

Author: Ayanna Nahmias