Burned Alive: Somalis Refugees' Flight to Yemen

Dead Bodies on Gulf of Aden Beach (Yemen)

France24 International News produced a report titled "Yemen, the new Eldorado?" This report illuminates the life of refugees who survive the dangerous crossing of the Gulf of Aden to reach Yemen. Those who survive the crossing are only welcomed if they are Somalian.  Under Yemeni law Somalis are granted rights of asylum, but Ethiopians if caught are immediately deported. Watch video report here.

In the words of one survivor “we were 120 people, overcrowded; the trip took two days. We did not receive food, nor water. Some of us were placed in the hull. Several people died because of asphyxia, some others were thrown overboard, among them two children. In order to intimidate us, they beat us heavily with their belts. One of the smugglers threw petrol on us and showed off his lighter.” MSF and MSF podcasts: Médecins Sans Frontières