Bieber vs. Sherman | Misadventures of Race in American Media


Patrice Ellerbe, Staff WriterLast Modified: 19:09 p.m. DST, 26 January 2014

Cornerback Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, taken Houston Texans 2013, Photo by Bill Hunter

MIAMI, Florida - Thursday morning, globally recognized teen pop star, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami, Florida, stated CNN. According to police reports, Beiber was charged with driving under the influence, drag racing, and resisting arrest. Since the arrest, the media has labeled Bieber as a “misguided” teen.

Last week after a football game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, the media threw out mixed feelings regarding statements made between Seahawks' cornerback, Richard Sherman and 49ers' receiver, Michael Crabtree.

According to reports, Sherman successfully completed the “play of the season.” Sherman tipped off a pass intended for Crabtree, allowing his team mate to intercept the ball, and sending the Seahawks to this year’s Super Bowl. After being overjoyed from the play, Sherman attempts to shake Crabtree’s hand, but Crabtree pushes him away by his face mask. Whether Sherman was being sincere or passive aggressive is up to the viewer, however, it doesn’t stop there.

During an interview after the game, Sherman stated “I’m the best cornerback in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you going to get,” says ESPN.

Only days later, Bieber was arrested for his reckless behavior in Miami. Reports read that Bieber was simply a misguided teen, but when it came to Sherman, he was labeled a “thug.” Facts show Sherman, who is an All-Pro cornerback, graduated from Stanford with a 3.9 GPA. He has no criminal record, but simply called himself the best at what he does professionally.

Bieber is an international pop star, who did not graduate from high school. He has been caught in malicious acts and is constantly in the news. Bieber was arrested for a DUI, despite the fact that he is not of legal drinking age, plus he resisted arrest.

Society wants to throw out modern racism, but when situations like these surface, we are still able to see where it exists. Sherman, who is African-American did not deserve to be called a thug. It tarnished his professionalism, and diminished him as a man and an athlete. Although, Bieber's treatment by the media hasn't been positive either, being labeled as a “misguided kid” leaves room for improvement and does not alter the perception of the public that he was just being 'mischievous' versus criminal.

By contrast, Sherman, who has not perpetrated any crime, and was simply participating in his profession and leading his team to the Super Bowl, is labeled a thug. Most thugs typically have some criminal record. Sherman does not have a criminal record, but Bieber does. Most thugs also neglect to finish school, which Bieber has also done. The labels accorded by the media to these two are misleading, and thus illustrate the further misadventures of race in American media.

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Michelle Obama Praises Beyoncé Performance


Patrice Ellerbe, Staff WriterLast Modified: 14:15 p.m. EDT, 05 February 2013

Beyoncé Knowles, Photo by Humajasmine

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana - Much of the focus for this year’s Super Bowl was on the phenomenal performer, Beyoncé Knowles. As the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens ended the first half of the game, viewers were anxious to see just how Beyoncé would outdo herself this time.

It was no surprise that Beyoncé would bring it after all of the talk in recent media about her performance at President Obama's Inauguration on 21 January 2013.

According to CBS News, a member from the United States Marine Band said the musical accompaniment was pre-recorded, and there was no time for Knowles to practice with the Marine Band before the performance. The band was informed not to play live because it was such a high-profile event. The singer admitted to using a sing along with a pre-recorded track due to the intense cold weather on that day.

As she entered the stage, lights began to flash as the crowed, as well as home viewers, scooted to the edge of their seats. She opened up with her hit “Love on Top” and worked through a medley of her hit songs. She continued with “Crazy in Love”, “End of Time”, and “Baby  Boy”. Surprisingly, years after the group’s breakup, band members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams from the group Destiny’s Child, appeared on stage with Beyoncé. They helped her perform their late hits, “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman”. The group finished up accompanying Beyoncé in her song, “Single Ladies”. The two band members then left Knowles to finish up her show solo.

The extravagant lighting and pyrotechnics added much excitement to the show. Beyoncé’s apparel did not disappoint either. She wore a cropped black motorcycle jacket, which she threw into the audience as she began to perform, and a leather body suit with lace cut outs, made by New York designer, Rubin Singer. For her shoes, she kept it simple with a pair of black pumps.

Few comparisons have been made between this year’s half time show and last year’s show with Madonna headlining. She was accompanied by artists such as Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and LMFAO. It is clear that Beyoncé brought her "A" game and did not disappoint.

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