Skin Color Wars


Powerful! In an era when money and fame or lack thereof is the prevailing currency of worth, it is sad to witness people judging each other on the specious notion of skin color.

I experienced this upon my return from Africa and never understood the self-hatred. Not only a must view for Black Americans, but also scroll down to watch a skin lightening commercial for the India market.

Will Bollywood reject you if you are too dark? Apparently so, according to the article below about India's Vogue Magazine featuring darker models.

Wangechi Mutu | Kenyan Artist

Wangechi Mutu | Kenyan Artist

My Dirty Little Heaven is an ambitious exhibit by Kenyan-born, New York based artist Wangechi Mutu. Chosen as the 2010 Artist of the Year, Mutu's installation is the first show in the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin Museum selected on the recommendation of the Deutsche Bank Global Art Advisory Council. Mutu's portfolio of work explores the objectification of women in the entertainment and advertisement industries. In a recent interview, Mutu recounted how the impetus for creating My Dirty Little Heaven resulted from as a dearth of realistic portrayals of women in the media. This was particularly evidenced by the images that adorned the covers of magazines, movies, commercials, etc. in which rarely if ever could she find herself or any other women. Within the African-American spectrum the issue was even more skewed and pervasively misogynistic. Women are portrayed as prostitutes, mannequins or props to make male entertainers appear more virile, thus diminishing them both.

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