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In these tough economic times parents whose budgets are already stretched thin by the high cost of food, petrol and education are desperate for immediate relief in addition to securing the tools to implement long-term solutions to their budgetary constraints. Since lending has become increasingly difficult because of tighter restrictions on credit worthiness, people are seeking access to sources of money which does require repayment. My son attends a private school which does not provide financial aid. During this past year it has become increasingly difficult for me to make the monthly tuition payments, so I decided to see if I could locate grant money to pay for his education. I am pretty Internet savvy and most of the sites that I found were immediately dismissed as scams.

However, as a working mom tasked with a full-time job in technology and a full-time job as a parent the thought of searching through various sources to identify grants applicable to my needs was daunting. As if in answer to prayer, my sister who works for a United States Senator and knows how much I struggle, forwarded a link to an officious website titled Free Government Grants 2011.

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