Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Jonathan Groubert, the host of the award-winning radio program, The State We’re In on Radio Netherlands Worldwide is association with National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Ayanna Nahmias and her mother, Annette McGee, were interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide in a segment titled “The Resilience of Mothers.” They shared their traumatic story of near death at the hands of an abuser and their miraculous survival and escape in a segment of The State We’re In which highlights “first‐person stories from around the world about human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other.”

Blog Talk Radio

Michael Fordham, Host/Executive Producer of A Measure of Truth & Turn It UP!  interviews Ayanna about her remarkable story which began in the U.S. as the daughter of a Pan-Africanist Muslim who expatriated and took the family to Africa. Her relationship with her father and Africa has been the arc which has shaped her life and mission. She explains how her experiences became the genesis for The Nahmias Cipher Report and the Zimbabwe Farm Project, which has allowed her to tangibly and positively sow into the lives of others, particularly women and children living abroad.  

speaking appearances

May 18, 2016: Jewish Federation of St. Louis, MO: Women's Philanthropy Lion of Judah, Speaker

December 6, 2015: Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Orthodox Synagogue, St. Louis, MO:  Miracles on my Journey from “Muslim in Africa” to “Jewish in America,” Speaker


October 21, 2016:   zimbabwe farm project Kickstarter campaign launch

The Zimbabwe Farm Project started in September 2015 as a way to tangibly sow into the lives of others by providing employment, supporting education, food, and clean water initiatives -- with the ultimate objective of bridging the digital divide by bringing technology, communications, and solar energy to the community.

During a recent trip to Zimbabwe, as a business entrepreneur, I encountered a stark and personal example of how today’s IT digital divide can adversely and negatively impact the lives of women and children on an individual as well as global basis. I experienced the reality of the inter-relationship between access to technology and communications as a crucial tool for economic empowerment when a young woman stole my iPhone, thinking that she could use it in some way to her economic advantage.
The experience enlarged my understanding of the complexities and intricacies of conducting business internationally and motivated me to initiate partnerships to provide greater access to technology for women in Zimbabwe. Leveraging my project management skills we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the remaining equipment, supplies, and services to realize these objectives. We hope you will support the cause.

March 12, 2016:   Launch of newly branded Nahmias Cipher Report website

The TNCR was started in 2009 and has transformed from a personal blog into an internationally recognized online media site with significant readership and social media followers. Unique in its reporting strategy, journalists are selected from university students and international journalist with a passion for human rights and global affairs. With the growth of the site and the expansion of the human rights activities, the TNCR was rebranded to provide readers and followers with a more navigable experience to enable them to explore the full range of media coverage and humanitarian work being completed.

november 25, 2015:   St. louis jewish light feature article

Robert A. Cohn, Editor-in-Chief, wrote an extensive article about my history which spans Continental Divides and three Abrahamic religions. As the daughter of a Pan-Africanist Muslim, a mother who is an Ordained Baptist Minister, a widow of a German national and mother to their biracial son it is an illuminating article titled, Human rights activist recounts journey to Judaism from Islam.'