ayanna nahmias

is the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The Nahmias Cipher Report, an internationally recognized online news site featuring compelling articles and social commentary written by TNCR Journalists who are passionate about global affairs and human rights.


Ayanna's passion for women and children is prominently featured in her writing. She successfully overcame the challenges of her childhood in Africa, and has channeled her experiences into positive endeavors through which she strives to encourage, uplift, and inspire others.

Ayanna and her mother were interviewed by Jonathan Groubert, the host of the award-winning radio program, “The State We’re In” on Radio Netherlands Worldwide in association with National Public Radio (NPR). In a segment titled “The Resilience of Mothers," they share their remarkable story of tragedy and triumph in Africa.

Ayanna's remarkable story began in the U.S. as the daughter of a Pan-Africanist Muslim who expatriated and took the family to Africa. Her relationship with her father and Africa has been the arc which has shaped her life and mission.


Ayanna's determination to transcend her past and achieve wholeness led Ayanna to publish The Nahmias Cipher Report to provide a voice for the voiceless, and hope to people who may be facing challenging situations. The publication strives to be non-partisan about religion and politics, though these topics are often reported upon.

The foundational mission of TNCR is to engage the audience in the process of learning about the "other," because it is a necessary first step toward tolerance. Not every man is bad, nor every woman abused, though many are and they suffer in silence believing that few care. We challenge readers to move beyond the standard fare purveyed by most media outlets, and bring to bear humanity, perspicacity, and critical analysis of global affairs and events which impact us all. 

There are many sides to every story, and untold experiences of people living in countries with oppressive governments, conflict, or religious intolerance. Countries where women and children are particularly at risk and human rights abuses seem to be the norm. Yet, even in the midst of unimaginable hardship, perseverance abounds, hope persists, and people prevail.

Ayanna believes and teaches, and her own life demonstrates, that regardless of country of origin, social, religious, or economic background, a person’s life can change for the positive. The cycle of isolation, despair, and abuse can be broken, freeing the person to enjoy purposeful, exuberant, and successful life.

She explains how her experiences became the genesis for The Nahmias Cipher Report and the Zimbabwe Farm Project, which has allowed her to tangibly and positively sow into the lives of others, particularly women and children living abroad.  

A regular contributor to the National Monitor, The Forward, Huffington Post, and The American Spectator, she is also a philanthropist and founder of The Zimbabwe Farm Project. Ayanna resides in the Washington, DC area and Zimbabwe.