TNCR has exclusively received its marketing and design services through emdzn, an Atlanta-based graphic and web designer. Ema helps corporate businesses, individuals, and small businesses thrive by establishing a solid, lead-converting brand and creating compelling and engaging content.

Her goal is to provide individualized attention to her clients' overall online presence. She accomplishes this by emphasizing content marketing, social media, and brand strategy to promote organic growth, customer retention, and increase web traffic. 

Her portfolio includes products and services that range from digital marketing and social media strategy to website design and brand strategy. She believes that truly effective online marketing is strengthened through a consistent, dynamic, and creative aesthetic and brand message. 



OVALS for CIVILITY, was founded by Susan S. Scribner, Ed.D with a mission that calls for greater civility in many venues in our society - the workplace, the playing fields, sports and athletics, the classroom, the marketplace, the political arena, the internet and the home. Her goal is to bring the issue of civility to top-of-mind thinking, so we all are conscious of making choices daily in our actions and speech that promote positivity and civility in our relationships with others. The mission of her business, Wise Monkeys Business, is to inspire greater civility on our lives and the lives of others to make the world a better place.

Dr. Scribner has been actively engaged in booking dynamic speakers whose presentations are inspirational, addressing noteworthy issues that affect the lives of people worldwide. Among the notable speakers Scribner has presented are Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, author Maya Angelou, former president of South Africa F. W. de Klerk, news anchor Chris Wallace, first woman astronaut Sally Ride, second amendment advocate and author John Lott and death penalty opponent and author Sister Helen Prejean.

Susan served as producer of the national weekly television program, It’s Your Business, inviting congressman, senators and industry leaders to debate timely issues. She served as a presidential appointee, responsible for public affairs issues and strategy of the Administration and taught at American University.  She was awarded Outstanding Young Working Woman by Glamour Magazine.


The Nahmias Group expertly promotes business by helping our clients realize their marketing objectives. Our consultant service offerings include project management, technology networking, and facilitating business to business partnerships, improved financial strategies, and construction design development. The Nahmias Group’s experienced team of business facilitators and technical professionals provide companies with managed services that are guaranteed to develop new business relationships, increase our client’s customer base with private and public entities, company growth and profitability for small to medium sized businesses.

Our consultants hold professional certifications in areas of Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Project Management Professional (PMP), Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), and CAD designers. Consultants have the knowledge and credibility to assist clients in improving operational efficiency leading to increased profitability and business value. We possess the technology experience to assist clients in the decision-making processes to ensure that they leverage the maximum lifecycle span of goods and services.

The Nahmias Group has offices located in Northern Virginia, centrally located to meet the needs of our Washington Metropolitan Area clients. Our business focus is to provide exemplary information technology solutions and support by certified professionals. Our consultants possess diverse backgrounds, and our executive management and business development team is able to leverage two decades of relationships with executive and senior management of companies operating in the technology and construction market space. These solid relationships will be maximized to negotiate and establish business partnerships that will meet the long and short-term business strategies of our clients to achieve increased profitability.



The Nahmias Publishing Group was established in 2015 to publish the works of contemporary voices who present through poetry, prose, and hybrid narrative insight into social issues that face our world today. The primary mission of Nahmias Publishing Group is to facilitate new and emerging authors to share with the public their inspirational stories of triumph in the face of adversity. The books published by us are based upon their potential to encourage those who may be suffering in silence or struggling without thought of hope, but who may persevere because they have read one person’s inspirational story. Our philosophy is based upon the quote by the great motivational author and speaker, Napoleon Hill, who asserted that “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”